“The #EverythingSchool”

Welcome to what we believe is the best place on the web to keep track of all of the various accomplishments of what we like to call the #EverythingSchool.

Florida was believed to be a football school as the Gators racked up SEC Championships throughout the 90’s, and again as Urban Meyer led them back to glory a decade later. This is true today as well. Florida is a football school.

But as Billy Donovan began to build the Gator basketball program as Meyer was winning football championships, some made the argument that UF was a basketball school. This is true, too. Florida is also a basketball school.

Why does Florida have be exclusively a football or a basketball school, though? Florida also wins championships in other sports, like tennis, softball, track… well, in every sport they play. Hence the name #EverythingSchool.

Scroll down below this sentence and enjoy yourselves as you browse the virtual trophy case we’ve put together to honor the #EverythingSchool.

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