Watch: Eddy Pineiro makes 81 yard field goal in full pads

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Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro is no stranger to making long field goals with the camera on him. After all, he’s previously dropped jaws with a 77 yard field goal, and as for accuracy, he also once drilled the upright on purpose.

But those feats pale in comparison to what he just did.

THAT’S AN EIGHTY ONE YARD FIELD GOAL he just made. In full pads, as he says, with no excuses. I don’t know how many takes this required before he made one, but I don’t care. It takes a ridiculous amount of pure leg power to make an 81 yard field goal. And in case you ever doubted that our kicker has it, there you go.

Oh. My.

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9 thoughts on “Watch: Eddy Pineiro makes 81 yard field goal in full pads

  1. Just the fact that this is on tape and out there opens the possibility of him kicking a 70-80 yard FG. Of course you are also opening the possibility of faking a 70-80 yard FG too.

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