Antonio Callaway among several Gator players involved in improper credit card use

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Multiple sources have confirmed to me that seven Gator football players have been involved in misappropriating school allotted money.

Per the source, at some point during Summer B, Antonio Callaway, James Houston, Ventrell Miller, Richerd Desir-Jones, Keivonnis Davis, Kadeem Telfort, and Jordan Smith went into a store and bought $1500 worth of items on three student debit cards. The cards were issued to them as part of their athletic scholarship, and were given to purchase items needed as student athletes. The items purchased did not fall under this category. The players then went out and sold the items.

The Gainesville Police Department does not plan on making any arrests, and the University of Florida does not plan on disciplining its players; the school is more interested in being compensated than in punishing the players. Given that the players did not have explicit permission from UF to either buy the items or sell them, that is a form of stealing. The players will now have to pay back the money or return the items.

UPDATE 8/18: the Gainesville Police Department has confirmed that a criminal complaint has been filed against Jordan Smith on new charges of credit card fraud. Smith is alleged to have paid rent with a credit card under a different name. However, Jim McElwain says he has not heard anything from the authorities regarding this.

At this point, allow me to dispel a few rumors floating around:

-The amount of money spent on the credit cards was not $150,000, but $1500. UF tightly monitors what happens with its credit cards, and would have figured it out immediately had the amount been much more.

-These events took place some time ago, so arrests would have been made had the amount been significantly larger.

-The credit cards did not belong to fellow UF students, and were obtained by the players fully legally. They were not stolen.

-Malik Zaire and Chauncey Gardner, two players rumored to have participated in this, were not involved.

-No player will be kicked out of school or dismissed from the team because of this. If suspensions do happen, they will come from Jim McElwain, not the school, and they figure to be minimal. Update: the players have each been suspended one game.

-Jawaan Taylor and Brad Stewart were misidentified by witnesses, and therefore by my source, and therefore by me. I apologize to those two for including them in the list of involved players.

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17 thoughts on “Antonio Callaway among several Gator players involved in improper credit card use

  1. “But for now, know that the crimes committed were not nearly as horrible as the rumors claim they were.” Come on guy, a crime is a crime. The whole sentence wouldn’t pass a Freshman Writing Course, and the words, “know, horrible” are, horrible.

  2. Fraud is a pretty strong word. This is the equivalent of parents giving their kids money to get clothes and supplies and instead they bought an Xbox. Hardly fraud. Idiotic behavior, yes. Not fraud

    1. The bigger problem is that they bought the items to resell them, and then reported the credit cards lost or stolen. Buying something with your credit card, and then reporting that you are not the person who made the purchases and claiming they were purchased by someone who found or stole the card IS fraud.

  3. It is obvious this shit school is more interested in football than teaching these ghetto rats anything. Most likely these human pieces of waste will follow in the foot steps of the illustrious Arron Hernandez.

  4. Where is Steve Spurrier making a joke about FSU, Free Shoes University.? It’s Jimbo’s turn but he has way too much class. If this is the worst thing these kids do. This school gave us The Urban and Aaron Show.

  5. This amounts to no more than me giving my kid lunch money and he decides to buy candy instead, then sell the candy for a profit. I may not be happy he misappropriated funds, but it is hardly criminal. More like entrepreneurs in the making.

    1. Wrong again, morons. When you LIE about STEALING, then use fake names etc. this is called fraud, being a THIEF, a LIAR, and being MORALLY CORRUPT. A trait of certain communities in this great nation. Of course, you leftists out there, wouldnt know corruption if it was jammed up your ass. You dont outgrow this type of thing, it is part of your moral code, or lack thereof.

    1. Really? They suspended some of their best players before one of their biggest problem games.

      FSU didn’t suspend their star QB even after he was accused of sexual assault.

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