McElwain: seven players suspended indefinitely

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Jim McElwain has announced that Antonio Callaway, Richerd Desir-Jones, Jordan Smith, Keivonnis Davis, Kadeem Telfort, James Houston and Ventrell Miller have been suspended indefinitely and are barred from participating in team activities. This somewhat contrasts the news last night that they were suspended for the season opener against Michigan, leaving the possibility open that they will not be eligible to play for more than one game.

One of the factors that can help the players return sooner rather than later is restitution for the items they bought improperly with school issued money at the school bookstore. Some of them have already done so.

On the players’ suspensions, McElwain said:

The one thing I will do is I’ll continue to help. I’ll continue to be there. I’ll continue to support. But obviously the consequences, you make your own bed, man. I would imagine that some of you might have dealt with that at some point in your life in different things that you’ve done or even had to do from that standpoint, and yet I’ll never turn my back on anybody. That’s not what it’s all about.

McElwain also hinted that Antonio Callaway is running out of chances, responding to an inquiry about if Callaway would only have so many chances with “Absolutely.” He then reiterated the relative lack of severity of this charge.

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  1. Grand theft is a “relative lack of severity”? I guess when the bar has been set so high by Aaron Hernandez and Ronnie Wilson then stealing 1500 from the school that recruited you is COMPARATIVELY not as bad.

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