LSU ducked Florida, and is unwilling to reschedule game


Nice try, Joe Alleva. But your attempt to play people like a fool has been uncovered for what it was.

The short of it is, LSU was given a very realistic option by Florida to consider in terms of rescheduling the game that Hurricane Matthew postponed- and turned it down.

I’ll get to what it was momentarily- even though by now we probably all know what it was- but first, let’s dispel one thing: LSU, not Florida, does not want to play the Florida-LSU game this year. They really don’t. And given that their athletic director, Joe Alleva, has publicly whined about playing Florida annually, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Oh no, if you thought I was kidding, I wasn’t:


That quote from two years ago merely sets the stage for this little saga. Here’s the story of what happened, per four different sources (note for non-journalism people: two unrelated sources is considered enough to write a story on, so four….)

After the game last Saturday between Florida and LSU was postponed indefinitely due to the hurricane, Florida offered to play LSU on November 19th. That would force both schools to cancel their previously scheduled games against cupcake opponents, which isn’t ideal- but then again, this whole situation isn’t ideal. However, Alleva didn’t appreciate that Florida would even dare to propose a scenario that would include them losing a home game for a game that he doesn’t even want to play, so he shut down the negotiations right then and there.

But it doesn’t stop there. Alleva is apparently so pissed off at Florida that he then played the media like a fiddle. Alleva actually denied that Florida had ever offered the November 19th date, which created a public perception that Jeremy Foley and Florida were ducking the game. That’s called a lie, girls and boys, and that’s a strange way to retaliate; sending the media and college football world as a whole after your rival for an act of cowardice they’re not responsible for because they want to make up a game you want to avoid seems like a move made out of desperation.

Backing up the proof we already have that it was a lie, though, was the anger he displayed at playing the game on November 19th when he eventually had to address it. I mean, he denied the offer for November 19th was ever made, but all that did was buy him more time. After initially lying about the date ever being presented as a possibility, he could no longer ignore the possibility like it had never been presented to him because he had just addressed it. And he then came out with a firm paragraph long response that equates to “hell no.”

Insert the chin stroking emoji here.

You think you’re funny, Joe Alleva? You get amusement out of this? I hope you got your money’s worth, because now you’ve made an absolute jackass of yourself. Enjoy that reputation you’ve created.

Make no mistake: Florida is not ducking LSU, and anybody who still believes that either enjoys being factually incorrect or is deluding themselves. It’s the other way around. UF has every intention of playing this game.

So where does that leave the status of the game?

As it stands right now, Alleva’s refusal to play on November 19th leaves the SEC two options. One, the league could tell LSU to grow up and head down to Gainesville on November 19th, even if that means playing three straight road games (although really, with all the whining they’ve done lately, they really deserve it). Or two, push back the SEC Title Game a week and play this game the day it’s supposed to take place, on the first weekend of December.

Whatever happens, this year will be remembered for LSU’s disgraceful maneuvering of this game.

If y’all really didn’t want to play Florida, you could have just said so.

30 thoughts on “LSU ducked Florida, and is unwilling to reschedule game

  1. It’s only fair that Joe Alleva gets the same criticism he caused everyone to throw at Florida to be redirected back at him, so here it goes.

    Joe Alleva, you are a pussy.

  2. Joe Alleva makes me wish that stoning people to death was still an allowable form of capital punishment!

  3. I’m a hardcore, lifelong LSU FANatic. The sooner we relieva ourselves of Alleva the better. I have tickets to the game and can’t wait to go. Sorry Gator Nation…this guy is a db, but I don’t hate another school badly enough to wish him on them! Maybe he and Booger McFarland can hang out and cry together…like little girls.

  4. This is hilarious! UF ducked LSU simply proven by the “safety concern” your douchebag coach brought up. Then turn around and let other teams play this weekend. So the Volleyball team being home with their families isn’t as important as the football team? Give me a break.
    Old Hee-Hawe buck tooth coach saw 2015 playing out again with DelRio hurt and the defenseive players out. He also saw LSU throw down 600+ yards of offense the week before and knew his team was about to get drug through the dirt like rag dolls.
    We offered to fly in and out on Sunday to play. UF is weaker and slimiest than FSU and the U combined.

    1. The “safety concern” was that the State of Florida told UF that they could provide no game day law enforcement on Saturday because they were needed elsewhere in the state…if you have ever been to a football game in Gainesville you would know how necessary law enforcement is…which is not the case for other teams. The safety concerns were legit, but they should have been better explained.

  5. At the risk of sounding insensitive, the hurricane hit Florida not Louisiana. When a hurricane threatens your home game you have to make sacrifices. This threat was known well in advance of thursday and Florida chose to hold their fingers in their ears and insist that the game not be moved. Then they refused the offer of LSU to move the game to Sunday or Monday. LSU even offered to fly in that day and leave post game to not take up hotel space. Also refused. Now that the window has passed, UF is expecting LSU to give up a home game and the money that comes with it to play an away game? Fuck that! You missed your chance to get this game played.

  6. “Make no mistake: Florida is not ducking LSU”

    You mean in the same way Florida has been ducking out of playing Miami for years?

    1. Are you stupid? You obviously don’t pay attention. It’s about money and always has been. It would be similar to the relationship we have with FSU. Every other year we trade off home games. Which means every other year we lose revenue. So we would have to chalk up one of our cupcake home games to play Miami every year, alternating stadiums. Which as a fan I would love. But as university and a business doesn’t make sense. You have guaranteed revenue every year and you give that away every other year. Yeah I would love to play Miami again every year but doesn’t make sense funding wise.. Which we all know money runs everything. Btw nobodies ducking Miami.. Lmao are you kidding me. The U will be good again and i see that in their future.. But takes time. But in recent past and the present nobody is scared of playing Miami. They could barely score against criminoles weak ass defense.

  7. Miami and Florida state played because the hurricane went past Miami, Georgia and South Carolina played because they made arrangements very early to play on Sunday, the hurricane hit the hardest in St Augustine Florida, about an hour and a half east of Gainesville, all police in the area were tending to the hurricane. It’s pretty obvious the game couldn’t have been played on Saturday or Sunday, the nice weather you saw was 8 hours south in Miami, the field would have been flooded in Gainesville like it was for the North Carolina VaTech game

    Your AD is just a cry baby plain and simple

  8. What a bunch of crap. You fail to mention Alleva offered to send the chartered airplane to Gainesville, Had secured hotels in both Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, Offered all tickets sales for the game All at no cost to U of F.
    He then offered to fly the team in and out on the same day as not to use up valuable hotel space, to play the game Saturday night, Sunday or Monday to play the game in Gainesville. All of the options were declined by Foley. Doesn’t sound like a team looking to duck the Gators.
    Why after offering all of this should we give up a home game, payout south Alabama $1.5 million to not play, lose over $4 million in revenue. A home game weekend has an economic impact of around $6 million to the Baton Rouge area(hotels, restaurants, stores, bars, etc.) South Alabama is senior night, there are activities planed the entire weekend for that game. Those activities can not be rescheduled in one week, as next weeks game would now be our last home game.
    Alleva offered several viable alternatives for this game and was shot down on each one. His responsibility is to the University and state of Louisiana.
    And by the way there is plenty of precedence to relocate conference games due to disasters

    1. There is no use in giving these Jhorts any facts. They got what they wanted… time to heal and continued hopes of avoiding the Tigers this year. Vandy was just about too much for them.

    2. The impact of evacuees on the Gainesville would make Sunday and Monday just as unworkable for hosting a game as Saturday was. The logistics didn’t change overnight – the state is still wrecked despite the sun coming up.

      You can take the whole statement of giving up a home game, and the same for ‘playing 3 road games in a row’, and recognize that is exactly what was offered to UF. Don’t claim it is unfair if it’s what LSU expected us to accept.

      1. You accept those things when your campus is affected by a hurricane. USC did it last year and LSU did it 3 TIMES IN 2005. Yes, it sucks but again, you make sacrifices when a hurricane affects YOUR HOME GAME.

    3. SEC has a insurance policy that pays for all lost revenue. So that excuse doesnt make much sense. How can people bitch at UF for not handing over a home game to lsu and say why would lsu do it in the same sentence? Spurrier retired because USCE let lSU force them into movimg the game last year. Let insurance pay the cupcakes to play eachotber on sec network and lsu can come om down on nov 19th.

  9. Oct. 3rd “Maybe we should have alternate plans for the game” Alleva
    “Game will be played in Gainesville on Saturday Oct 8th” Foley
    Oct. 4th “Maybe we should have alternate plans for the game” Alleva
    “Game will be played in Gainesville on Saturday Oct 8th” Foley
    Oct. 5th “Maybe we should have alternate plans for the game” Alleva
    “Game will be played in Gainesville on Saturday Oct 8th” Foley
    Oct. 6th “Maybe we should have alternate plans for the game” Alleva
    “Darn its too late. Game will not be played in Gainesville on Saturday Oct 8th” Foley

    Nice work on giving your D line some time to heal up Foley.

    What a bunch of wimps in Florida.

  10. When did LSU become the 85′ Bears to their fanbase? They think Florida is scared to play them? Why? They’ve played away from home twice this year and lost both games. But now we are scared to play them at home? Why? Maybe we were scared of them because of their impressive win over Miss State by 3?

    The realty is that both teams are pretty average and the game would likely be pretty competitive. However, the difference is one fanbase is willing to admit they’re average and the other still has delusions of being some sort of juggernaut lol.

  11. What people fail to realize is that if the game is played on the 19th Florida will also be giving up a home game. Why are they willing to do this but to get this game played but lsu isn’t

  12. Florida Gators vs Louisiana State University Tigers should be rescheduled to Saturday December 10, 2016 following Army-Navy Game on CBS.

  13. I looked up available hotel room for Sunday night in Gainesville. I found 64 hotels with vacancies. Evacuees is not an excuse.
    I looked at Gainesville PD twitter feed. The emergency response center was closedown Friday. No security issues.
    I looked at the Gville Fire Dept twitter feed. Their search and rescue task force was back home from working other counties on Saturday. No first responder issues.
    Other teams who played on Saturday had families in the hurricane aftermath. No excuse there.
    Gators, stop already. Quit trying to foist your incompetence/shady behavior on everyone else.

  14. Dear Mr. Shulman,

    One of your biggest arguments is that Alleva lied about never being offered the Nov. 19th date to play the game by Foley, and you go on to try and prove why you feel he lied. It is real simple you don’t know who was lying, why? Because you weren’t on the calls with Foley & Alleva etc… that plain and simple. That being said we definitely know either Foley or Alleva is lying. So let’s try and figure it out since it is truly important to see who was ducking whom.

    Let’s go under the assumption, because it is correct, neither LSU’s or Florida’s players are afraid of the other team. It is a great rivalry and one that is enjoyed by players, students, alumni and fans of both schools. So with that said it is safe to assume this was a decision made by the coaches and administration at this point.

    So let’s take a look at the respective teams and what their situation was prior to the game. LSU has just come off a monstrous win against Missouri where they put up historic school numbers on offense. There was all kinds of reinvigorated energy put back into the program from that game and from our interim coach whom the players absolutely love and a few of them have stated they are going to do whatever it takes to try and have the “interim” title taken away. Meaning these kids want to play their butts off for Coach O. How was our health, well we are out our star running back which is a big deal but LF’s back ups are anything but back-ups. Our rushing attack put up over 400 yds rushing on Missouri with 2 hundred yard backs and almost 3 for the night. So LF being out hasn’t hurt LSU one bit we are still clicking on all cylinders in our rushing attack and you better believe UF’s coaches took notice of that. One could argue that with LF out our rushing attack was even better beause of the talent on our roster and the coaches are keeping backs fresh by rotating them more which would not have been done as much if LF was in the game. Next our O-line was banged up just slightly with a couple of starters out for the game, one of them prior to Mizzo and one during the Mizzo game. But again LSU has such depth on the O-line we didn’t miss a beat again putting up over 600yds of offense on Mizzo. So again I say even with our injuries we were still able to put up the most yards we have put up in an SEC game in 30years, so our injuries were not keeping us from playing at an extremely high level on offense. So looking at those facts it is a very safe assumption that LSU was not worried about playing Florida because of the health of the team.

    Florida on the other hand had just come off a pretty bad showing at the SEC’s perennial doormat in Vanderbilt with a 13-6 and the week prior a pretty humiliating loss Tenn when you look at the fact you were up 21-3 going into half and got completely bitch slapped in the second half to lose 38-28. So Florida was outscored 35-7 in the second half that is embarrassing! As far as injuries it is well known that Florida’s starting D-line was banged up really good with 3 projected starters definitely out for the game and a fourth starter still had a “game time” decision label on him. The question is how good are their backups? If LSU’s starting D-line was out for a game, especially against a quality opponent like Florida, we would have problems plain and simple. I can’t for the life of me believe Florida would be in any different shape than LSU’s if our starting D-line was out for a game. You take that into account along with the fact that LSU just put up 400+ yds on Mizzo and you better beleive the coaches at Florida were concerned, and if they weren’t than they are idiots and I don’t believe the UF coaches are idiots. Also let’s not forget Del Rio’s possibility of not playing in the game considering your back up looked not that good against Vandy and they were about to play against one of the better defenses in the SEC and one who was leading the conference at that time in sacks, again I think it is very safe to assume UF’s coaches were concerned about the game and how both your defense and offense would hold up against LSU.

    So when you look at both the mental and physical aspects of the game being played last weekend, there really isn’t a debate that can be held saying Florida was in more of a precarious situation than LSU. This isn’t a secret either every single media outlet was saying how banged up Florida was prior to the game so at that specific time in space delaying the game helped Florida way more than it helped LSU those are just the plain facts.

    The other excuse you use to justify your reasoning is the Alleva said we want don’t want to play UF every year because Bama doesn’t and Alleva went on to say that LSU has played Georgia and Florida 19 times since 2000 and Bama has only played those 2 teams 8 times in that time frame. And you don’t see anything unfair about that to LSU? I am not talking about fair to Florida and I am saying fair to LSU. I get it why Florida doesn’t want to play Bama anymore than it has to or why UGA doesn’t want to play Bama more than it has to but put yourself in LSU’s shoes for a minute. UGA and Florida are the top programs in the EAST no one can argue against that “Tenn is now relevant again”, so you don’t think it is a competitive disadvantage to a West school to have to play UGA and Florida 19 times but yet another West school only has to play them 8 times in that same time frame? It is inherently unfair and a big competitive advantage to one school and disadvantage to another and NO ONE can argue that fact any different. Matter of fact I will put this to you take the names out of the question just put it as Teams A & B are playing is it a disadvantage for one team to play the top two programs in a division 19 times versus the other team only playing those two teams 8 times inthat same time frame and you will get close to 90% responses saying yes it is unfair. The fact is the fair thing for ALL teams involved, and the right thing to do, is to have no permannent cross-division games and for ALL teams to play two different teams “back to back home and away” and then play a different set of two teams every 2 years. That is fair an equitable to ALL teams in the league and that is not arguable.

    So LSU is not scared to play Florida and all you have to do is look at the all-time record between the two schools and the win total is Florida leads by THREE games, and after Nov. 19th that will be down to just TWO games. And in that same sentence you can say that Florida isn’t scared of playing LSU. But can one set of coaches and admin be concerened about playing a team in one certain year? Absolutely and at the beginning of the year with everyone healthy I don’t believe either team was concerned about the other, but considering the injuries and the way Florida played in it’s last two contest Florida definitely had more cause for concern than LSU that is a fact not an assumption.

    Another thing you want to look at symantecs of who acted like what. After Foley had said he offered the Nov. 19th date as an alternative Alleva not only said it more than one-time in the same interview that he was never offered a Nov. 19th as a make up date and he said it emphactically. And after Alleva basically called Foley a liar, Foley HAS never contridicted Alleva’s comments. He never came out and said that wasn’t true and gave any time and date when said offer was made prior to the cancellation and neither did the SEC office state that Florida made that offer to LSU prior to the cancellation of the game. Those three facts in themselves would leave most intelligent people to understand who was fabricating what.

    So Mr. Shulman taking off our respective colored sunglasses the facts pretty much spell out that the University of Florida’s football program had more to gain from cancelling that game in hopes of finding a better time to play it than LSU’s football program and with that said it isn’t hard to figure out who was lying Foley or Alleva. All ancillary facts point to Florida not LSU!!!

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