Jim McElwain: Jordan Scarlett and Rick Wells suspended indefinitely

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Make it stop.

This is becoming an epidemic in Gainesville.

The Gators will be without starting running back Jordan Scarlett and wide receiver Rick Wells for the foreseeable future, according to a statement issued by the team’s twitter account this afternoon.

There are no indications as to what these two players did just yet, only rumors. For now, though, it’s safe to assume that the Gators won’t have either available for not just the Michigan game, but perhaps beyond that.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, the reason for the suspension is one we’ve heard before…

…which was also reported by the Orlando Sentinel’s Edgar Thompson…

Florida will now be without ten players when it takes on Michigan this Saturday. James Robinson was suspended for possession of marijuana, and seven other players- most notably star receiver Antonio Callaway- were suspended due to their misadventures with school issued credit cards this summer.

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6 thoughts on “Jim McElwain: Jordan Scarlett and Rick Wells suspended indefinitely

  1. Someone has to take responsibility here. It is becoming an epidemic and hurting the program immeasurably. Need to recruit better quality kids. Period. Otherwise we are never going to get where we want to go. It is happening EVERY single year. Bama NEVER has problems like this and they get the best talent in the country year in and year out. UF is once again becoming the poster child for bad behavior–has to stop!!

    P.S. Callaway has worn out his welcome in Gainesville. Shame.

    1. Wrong. I live in Bama and trust me their recruits do just as much bad stuff, one right now is trying to explain away a shooting incident…the difference is UF has finally decided to start disciplining it’s players (they weren’t under Meyer, Muschamp) while most other schools don’t, at least not publicly and certainly not by making them miss games.

    1. No Dave, this does not reflect on the Coaching Staff. It is not the Coach’s job to BABYSIT grown men. This reflects on the PARENTS. This is the fault of the Parents, not the Coach.

  2. I would say this is his last year as coach if things don’t improve exponentially both on and off the field. He is responsible for grooming these young men not only in football but life as well. Average wins and a butt kicking in the SEC title game is nothing to be proud of. No matter how many times people repeat it 2 SEC east championships is not impressive in the current shape the east is in. Sorry but its the truth. I love the Gators and have since I can remember, growing up in Gainesville and the electric atmosphere on game day Saturdays was awesome. Go Gators and I really hope coach Mac can get things in order and become this offensive genius he has been touted as. Get our kids some quality wins teach them life skills and most of all get the education that they are there for. Peace.

    1. It’s so funny to me how we all loved Urban Meyer, there wasn’t one slander of off the field issues while we were winning National Championships. He inherited a team with zero discipline and a program with zero discipline since Spurrier left. He has been here two years and won with nothing. Treon Harris really? How about we applaud the fact that he IS teaching these boys life lessons by punishing them rather than allowing pot heads and murderers to play because they produce. I guess most people have forgot that great things take time to build and have to be built from within. How about we back and support a coach rather than keep running them out of town? I guess the generation of instant gratification has taken over this now too

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