Florida Gators vs. FSU Seminoles live stats 3/28/17 (baseball)

Welcome to our Florida-FSU live stats page. Since the game isn’t on TV tonight, I’ll be providing live updates as they happen.

FINAL   |   Jacksonville, FL
#9 FLORIDA 4 17-9
#10 FSU 1 18-8

Play by play

Top 1st

-Liput walked

-Guthrie singled to right, Liput advanced to third

-Schwarz singled to left, Liput scored, Guthrie advanced to second. Florida 1, FSU 0

-India struck out

-Maldonado popped out

-Rivera homered to left, Schwarz scored, Guthrie scored. Florida 4, FSU 0

-Hicks singled to right

-Hicks stole second

-Larson struck out

Bottom 1st

-Walls singled to right

-Lueck grounded into fielder’s choice, Walls out at second

-Raleigh struck out

-Nieporte grounded out

Top 2nd

-Horvath grounded out

-Liput grounded out

-Guthrie popped out

Bottom 2nd

-Aplin grounded out

-Flowers grounded out

-Daughtry grounded out

Top 3rd

-Schwarz grounded out

-India struck out

-Maldonado singled to right

-Rivera grounded out

Bottom 3rd

-Derr walked

-Henderson grounded out, Derr advanced to second

-Walls popped out

-Lueck walked

-Raleigh flied out

Top 4th

-Hicks flied out

-Larson grounded out

-Horvath grounded out (bunt)

Bottom 4th

-Nieporte grounded out

-Aplin popped out

-Flowers singled to third (bunt)

-Daughtry grounded out

Top 5th

-Liput grounded out

-Guthrie struck out

-Schwarz walked

-India flied out

Bottom 5th

-Derr walked

-Henderson popped out (bunt)

-Walls walked

-Lueck grounded into double play, Derr forced out at third, Lueck out at first

Top 6th

-Maldonado grounded out

-Rivera flied out

-Hicks doubled to right

-Hicks advanced to third on wild pitch

-Larson hit by pitch

-Horvath struck out

Bottom 6th

-Raleigh grounded out

-Nieporte doubled to left

-Aplin singled to right, Nieporte scored. Florida 4, FSU 1

-Flowers flied out

-Daughtry popped out

Top 7th

-Liput grounded out

-Guthrie grounded out

-Schwarz grounded out

Bottom 7th

-Derr struck out

-Henderson struck out

-Walls grounded out

Top 8th

-India popped out

-Maldonado walked

-Maldonado caught stealing

-Rivera struck out

Bottom 8th

-Lueck flied out

-Raleigh flied out

-Nieporte grounded out

Top 9th

-Hicks flied out

-Larson grounded out

-Horvath struck out

Bottom 9th

-Aplin struck out

-Flowers singled to left

-Daughtry grounded out, Flowers advanced to second

-Derr struck out

Scoring summary
4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4
0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1


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