Florida Gators 2019 Early National Signing Day tracker

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Welcome to the 2019 Gators’ ENSD tracker! Be sure to keep hitting that refresh button and checking back here throughout the day as things happen.

7:09am: Offensive lineman Michael Tarquin becomes the first Gator to send in his letter of intent.

7:28am: QB Jalon Jones, offensive lineman Jamarkis Weston and offensive lineman Trent Whittemore have sent in their letters of intent.

7:41am: Offensive lineman Kingsley Eguakun, wide receiver Dionte Marks and offensive lineman Riley Simonds have sent in their letters of intent. Florida now has seven of its eighteen committed players signed, sealed and delivered. Well, eighteen as of right now anyway- Dan Mullen is looking to add at least three, maybe even more, to his class.

7:46am: Linebacker Tyron Hopper and offensive lineman William Harrod have sent in their letters of intent.

8:05am: Linebacker Jesiah Pierre has sent in his letter of intent.

8:25am: Cornerback Chester Kimbrough and offensive lineman Wardrick Wilson have sent in their letters of intent.

8:40am: Cornerback Jaydon Hill has sent in his letter of intent.

9:05am- early morning recap: the Gators have thirteen of the eighteen currently committed recruits signed. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, although it is worth a sigh of relief; a not insignificant portion of linebacker Tyron Hopper’s family was thought to want him to go to South Carolina. And even though Hopper was one of the first verbal commits of this class, you can never be too sure with seventeen year old kids until they sign on the dotted line. The same, albeit to a lesser extent, was true with Hill.

In any case, signing just about everybody on this early signing day gives Florida the added advantage of getting to work on its class of 2020. No longer does Dan Mullen and his staff have to hound each of the kids who have already sent in their LOIs to make sure their commitments aren’t wavering. And that’s good, because Florida’s 2020 class is already off to quite a start- but that’s a story for another day. The point is that putting a bow on this class early gives the Gators a massive head start on a class that’s already off and running.

The day is far from over, though. Florida is still waiting on the announcements of several top tier recruits, such as running back Trey Sanders, defensive end Lloyd Summerall, tight end Keon Zipperer, cornerback Chris Steele, defensive lineman Derick Hunter and offensive lineman Deyavie Hammond. We’ll have the latest for you on each of those announcements as they approach. The first batch of announcements is set to come at the 10am hour- that’s Summerall, Hammond and Zipperer- so go grab yourself a coffee in the meantime.

9:12am: Running back NayQuan Wright has sent in his letter of intent.

9:40am: Linebacker Mohamoud Diabate has sent in his letter of intent.

10:15am: Offensive lineman Ethan White has sent in his letter of intent.

10:49am: announcement times for the following uncommitted players considering the Gators have been revealed:

11:35am: DL Lloyd Summerall. Projection: Florida

11:40am: OL Deyavie Hammond. Projection: Florida

11:45am: TE Keon Zipperer. Projection: Florida

1:05pm: RB Trey Sanders. Projection: Georgia.

11:36am: the Lakeland trio- Summerall, Hammond and Zipperer- are set to announce. Tune into ESPN2 to watch their announcements live.

11:55am: All three Lakeland standouts- Lloyd Summerall, Keon Zipperer and Keyavie Hammond- have committed to Florida. Now we await their letters of intent, as well as the announcement of Trey Dean.

12:35pm: Keon Zipperer, Lloyd Summerall, Deyavie Hammond and defensive tackle Jaelin Humphries have sent in their letters of intent.

1:03pm- mid day recap: for the most part, Florida’s 2019 Class is done. There’s still the upcoming announcement of Trey Sanders, and the Gators are still in the mix for defensive end Khris Bogle, cornerback Kaiir Elam and cornerback Chris Steele- both of whom will announce at a later date- but the Gators’ staff has begun to transition to working on their 2020 Class.

1:11pm: five star running back Trey Sanders is set to make his announcement. Prediction: Georgia.

1:15pm: Trey Sanders picks Alabama. Not a huge surprise, but I would have thought Georgia would be able to close the deal on him. Nonetheless, it’s a miss by Florida.

1:45pm: Florida’s day is done. Diwun Black was not expected to sign today, and everybody else has sent in their letters of intent. And everybody Florida had their eye on today has made a decision. I’ll write up a more in-depth recap of the day shortly, but this was as good of a day as Dan Mullen and company could have hoped for.

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