Chart: a complete list of Florida football’s “State Championships”

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Being Florida state champs: so easy, Will Muschamp can do it.
Being Florida state champs: so easy, Will Muschamp can do it.

Our annoying neighbors to the northwest have decided to do some trolling at our expense, so allow me to arm you with some knowledge with which to fire back.

A couple of weeks ago, FSU came out with “State Champs” rings for each of their players, coaches and anybody else who was even tangentially involved with the Noles’ 2015 football team. The idea was to make everybody feel like they’d actually accomplished something in a year in which they got humiliated by a mid major in a bowl game, failed to reach the ACC Championship Game, and most comically of all, lost to a team that finished the year with a losing record. Now that’s worth remembering- even the 2013 Gators, widely regarded as the single worst team either program has fielded in several decades, managed to avoid that dubious distinction.

But just like the New York Times proved their city’s police department did, FSU chose to ignore all the evidence that they didn’t like. Instead, someone in the FSU athletic offices elected to cherry-pick some data in order make up a title that not only has nobody ever recognized on an official basis before, but simply does not exist.

Florida state champions.

That’s an honor that the FSU athletic department shelled out… get ready for this… $62,010 dollars to get to brag about. You read that right: Florida State’s football program, with thousands of fans ready to yap about how their team is one of the nation’s best at a moment’s notice, wasted more than sixty two thousand dollars to try to claim a distinction that’s reserved for high school teams.

Yes, FSU, you did smash Florida’s teeth in last November, and yes, you managed to escape Miami’s terrifying upset bid a few weeks before that. You have every right to brag about those wins. But if you’re going to proclaim yourselves “State Champs” for beating two schools conveniently located in the same state, maybe you should understand that Florida has accomplished what you did a hell of a lot more times than you did- and without the King Kong chest beating.

Instead of sinking down to the level of FSU’s athletic department with some counter-trolling that would have a far weaker reach and/or effect, I did some research. Here is a list of years in which the Florida Gators have the right to proclaim themselves “State Champs.”

Year Coach FSU score Miami score Notes
1958 Bob Woodruff 21-7 12-9
1959 Bob Woodruff 18-8 23-14
1960 Ray Graves 3-0 18-0
1963 Ray Graves 7-0 27-21
1968 Ray Graves 9-3 14-10
1969 Ray Graves 21-6 35-16
1970 Doug Dickey 38-27 14-13
1971 Doug Dickey 17-15 45-16
1972 Doug Dickey 42-13 17-6
1973 Doug Dickey 49-0 14-7
1974 Doug Dickey 24-14 31-7
1975 Doug Dickey 34-8 15-11
1976 Doug Dickey 33-26 19-10
1982 Charlie Pell 13-10 17-14
1983 Charlie Pell 53-14 28-3
1985 Galen Hall 38-14 35-23
1995 Steve Spurrier 35-24 N/A FSU def. Miami
1996 Steve Spurrier 73-44* N/A FSU def. Miami
1997 Steve Spurrier 32-29 N/A FSU def. Miami
2005 Urban Meyer 34-7 N/A FSU def. Miami
2006 Urban Meyer 21-14 N/A FSU def. Miami
2007 Urban Meyer 45-12 N/A Miami def. FSU; UF #13, MIA NR
2008 Urban Meyer 45-15 26-3
2009 Urban Meyer 37-10 N/A Miami def. FSU; UF #3, MIA #19
2012 Will Muschamp 37-26 N/A FSU def. Miami
Total state championships: 25


Note: *Florida and FSU played twice in 1996, and split the two match ups. The composite score of those two games was 73-44 for Florida; FSU won the first game 24-21, Florida won the rematch in a game we Gators like to refer to as our first national championship by the significantly more dominant score of 52-20.

To their credit, 2015 wasn’t the first time FSU could call themselves state champs. If you’re curious, here is a list of all the times FSU beat Florida and Miami in the same year: 1964, 1967, 1978, 1979, 1989, 1993, 1998, 1999, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015. For all those Nole fans struggling with math: your team has pulled off the feat 13 times. That’s barely half as many times as Florida’s done it, but, you know.

And I get that Florida hasn’t played Miami in several of those years I proclaimed the Gators “state champs.” Believe me, I’m probably one of a very select few Gator fans who takes full responsibility for my team dropping the Hurricanes from the annual schedule. But in each of those years I awarded the Gators “state champs” honors without a head to head win over Miami, Florida either beat an FSU team that beat Miami or finished the year with a higher ranking than the Canes in addition to beating FSU head to head. Pretty hard to argue that the Gators were the state’s best team when either or both of those facts worked in their favor.

I can hear FSU fans right now saying I finagled the data to make my team look good. To which my response is, “you misspelled in the search bar.”

But anyway: if FSU wants to call themselves state champs, they are effectively winning the first battle in a war they started out of the blue- a war that Florida wins handily. The best part? UF didn’t even have to spend north of $62K in order to win it.

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7 thoughts on “Chart: a complete list of Florida football’s “State Championships”

  1. That’s a truly epic diss chart, Neil.

    Just one quibble: technically, there is an award handed out to the Florida state champ: the Florida Cup. It began in 2002. So it’s not as if there never has been any official recognition for the state champ before. Not to take anything away from you work, though, as Florida accomplished what it needed to accomplish to win the Florida Cup had it existed before 2002 plenty of times, as you pointed out.

    1. Valid point. However, the Florida Cup is only awarded in years in which Florida plays Miami, as it wouldn’t be fair for FSU to have a hypothetical shot to win it every year while Florida and Miami don’t. So the only “official” state championship FSU has ever won was in 2013, as Florida played Miami that year, and there won’t be an “official” state championship awarded again until 2019 unless Florida plays Miami in a bowl game before then.

  2. Hey, even if you take out the years we didn’t play Miami that’s still 17. I don’t think it’s fair to count those other years even though you make a pretty solid argument.
    Just waiting for snowprint to get here and tell us about UF’s alleged head start and how we’re only allowed to count the Jimbo Fisher era.

  3. This is just… so unbelievable. You’re the best, Neil. Guaranteed knockout punch to any Nole dumb enough to brag about it.

  4. Wow, great job. Unfortunately, nothing will shut up the idiots at FSU who are defending the purchase of these atrocious participation trophies.

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