Arkansas 31, Florida 10, (Not So) Instant Analysis: Gators obliterated in the Ozarks

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Florida had a real shot to run away with the SEC East. Instead, they made the division even murkier than it already was with an ugly 31-10 loss to Arkansas.

The analysis reads as follows:

It was over when: Rawleigh Williams busted off a 41 yard touchdown run to make it 31-10 for Arkansas with 5:40 left. Realistically, it was over well before that point, but Williams’ run was the final nail in the coffin.

Game ball goes to: Nobody on Florida, that’s for sure. Give it to Arkansas defensive coordinator Robb Smith. Two weeks after getting steamrolled by Auburn to the tune of 534 yards on the ground, the Hogs shut the Gators’ rushing attack down completely. If there was a strength to this Gator offense, that was supposed to be it- but Arkansas didn’t make it look like one.

Stat of the game: 12. Florida finished the game with all of twelve… count ’em, twelve… rushing yards.

What to like: Eddy Pineiro is a great kicker who may be able to deke teams out by back-kicking onside kick attempts to the end of the field he runs away from on his approach to the ball. He’s got mad soccer skills.

What to work on: More than can be put into words in an article that’s meant to summarize, but here, let’s try. Luke Del Rio easily played his worst game as a Gator, and that’s particularly worrisome given that he seems to play worse and worse each week. The play-calling from Doug Nussmeier didn’t do him any favors, either. The running game was nonexistent. The offensive line got manhandled in the trenches. Even the defense was off, particularly the front seven. And the Gators’ lack of depth at linebacker finally caught up with them.

Offensive grade: F. The only time Florida moved the ball was when Arkansas’s defense shifted into prevent mode. And even then, they needed a pass interference call to keep what turned out to be their lone scoring drive of the day going. In a word, pathetic.

Defensive grade: D. The defense’s one saving grace was Duke Dawson hopping a route and taking an ill advised throw back for six. The secondary busted more than a few coverages, and yet they were probably the brightest spot on the field other than Pineiro. As previously mentioned, the front seven had its worst game of the year, a statement that both the stat book and the game film will back up.

Special teams grade: B. Eddy Pineiro continued to validate his sky high hype on Saturday by draining a 49 yard field goal. Too bad the two units that typically go first in the hierarchy of “offense, defense and special teams” didn’t help him.

Bottom line: This was without a question the ugliest game Florida has played all year, and may have been the worst overall team effort since the Georgia Southern debacle of 2013. At least Florida’s defense showed up last year against Florida State and two years ago against Missouri. Against Arkansas on Saturday, neither unit showed up to play, and now the Gators’ season is beginning to spiral out of control. Unbelievably, there’s still a completely plausible scenario where Florida could clinch the SEC East this week- if Florida beats South Carolina and Kentucky beats Tennessee- but that’s not what matters. Florida is a bad football team on the offensive side of the ball right now, really bad, and unless major changes are made, the rest of this season is going to be hard to watch whether it includes a trip to Atlanta or not.

Scoring recap:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
FLORIDA 7 0 0 3 10
ARKANSAS 14 7 0 10 31

Scoring plays:

Team Time Play FLA ARK
ARKANSAS 1st 12:20 Santos Ramirez 24 yd INT return (PAT good) 0 7
ARKANSAS 1st 5:56 Rawleigh Williams 6 yd run (PAT good) 0 14
FLORIDA 1st 2:44 Duke Dawson 37 yd INT return (PAT good) 7 14
ARKANSAS 2nd :16 Drew Morgan 7 yd pass from Austin Allen (PAT good) 7 21
ARKANSAS 4th 9:14 Adam McFain 36 yd FG 7 24
FLORIDA 4th 6:41 Eddy Pineiro 49 yd FG 10 24
ARKANSAS 4th 5:40 Rawleigh Williams 41 yd run (PAT good) 10 31
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3 thoughts on “Arkansas 31, Florida 10, (Not So) Instant Analysis: Gators obliterated in the Ozarks

  1. This was unacceptable. Completely unacceptable. This was the kind of performance that makes you want to call for certain people to have their jobs taken away… but we already DID that. Fuck.

  2. In his defense, Del Rio did injure his shoulder. Still not a good performance by any means but at least that could help explain why.

  3. I am beyond frustrated with this program… I would say “team”, but the exact same ineptitude has existed, especially on offense, since 2010 regardless of the players, staff, and head coach. SO its not a team problem anymore in my eyes, its a PROGRAM problem.
    Does anyone else see the trend year after year? Start off with a couple of ooc cupcakes, blow them out and get half the fanbase falsely believing THIS is the year the offense breaks out and gives the D a well-deserved break. Move on to sec cake, win those games comfortably while showing some signs that the offense is good by maybe not great. Find a way to beat tennessee (except this season) while the offense sleepwalks for 3 quarters, get past Vandy Mizzou & UGA while we shake our heads at the offense’s clear lack of leadership and consistency, lose to LSU while the offense takes the night off, struggle against their scheduled SECw foe, get past SC somehow, sleepwalk past another ooc cupcake with just enough offense to give us hope against the women’s college the following week, only to get hammered by FSU, then watch the SECcg (except last year somehow), and finally if not mercifully end the season playing a lower-tiered bowl in some shitty city to put an end to another disappointing season.
    Cant blame Meyer for the bare cupboard now, cant blame Muschamp for ignoring the entire offensive side of the ball now, really can’t blame Brantley, Brissett, Driskel, Murphy, Harris, Grier, Appleby or Del Rio, if you think about it, because I refuse to believe UF has totally whiffed each time when evaluating ALL these supposedly great qbs coming out of hs. UF has pulled in some stout talent on the O-line too. Yet, they keep falling on their faces.
    The ONLY common denominator has to be the program itself.
    Are they snake-bit, hexed, jinxed, cursed, what?
    Hell, we even talked Spurrier, our Bear Bryant, off the golf course to help out as an “ambassador”… made no discernible difference. NOTHING is working.
    Meanwhile, Alabama has kept their collective foot on everyone’s necks, including big-time OOC programs, while other programs around the country previously left for dead have been resurrected in the last 6 years. All the while, UF has barely stayed out of its way enough to have winning records (except the dumpster fire of 2013) and struggle to beat the snot out of cupcakes and SEC bottom-dwellers.
    The Swamp has been no home-field advantage at all. Crowds used to fight for tickets. Now I see empty seats at EVERY game. The excitement has been gone for years. Even last year’s shocking record and SECe title didnt have an effect, probably because Alabama reminded the entire country on live tv that UF still isnt very good, just happened to finish with the best record in the east. Not an accomplishment these days, folks.
    I am not content with just a winning record, I am not content with a miraculous SECe crown that nobody outside of Gainesville predicted. I am certainly not content with losing to Arkansas, or squeaking by Vandy, or being concerned with getting bypassed by KENTUCKY in the east.. Kentucky? Really? IN FOOTBALL???
    I am not content knowing that it doesnt matter who in the west goes to Atlanta in December, because the east is gonna have their ass handed to them regardless.
    I will not be content until UF strikes real fear in their opponents the minute the following year’s schedule is announced, whether in Gville, or on the road, or in a bowl game. I will not be content until we are collectively shocked we win each game by “only” 3-4 touchdowns. I will not be content until we can say at any given moment that Miami, FSU and USF’s teams combined are no better than the gum on the bottom of our shoes.
    There is no more fun watching these games. I spent the last half of the arkansas game studying the blocking, routes, and play-calling just to keep my mind off the actual score. I almost got excited when eddie kicked that meaningless fg. Then I was depressed at how that was the non-defensive highlight of such an absurdly terrible game.
    I dont know if I even want to see the next game, which is a feeling I havent experienced in probably 15 years. But, I will because Im a fan and apparently a glutton for punishment. I’ll tune in and see if they have a pulse when Muschamp comes to town with a chip on his shoulder. God forbid UF loses to him. That might be too much for anyone to handle at this point… Muschamp smiling, waving and celebrating a win at the swamp from the other sideline.
    Pass the Tylenol.

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