2018 In All Kinds Of Weather March Madness bracket pool: how to join, rules and prize

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Welcome to our March Madness pool!

We’ve got a special prize this year, too: the winner will get two complementary tickets to a Florida Gator basketball game next year. More on that in a second.

First things first, though. To join, click this link to the Yahoo find a group engine. Then, click on Join Private Group. The group ID is 82876, the password is Florida52FSU20. Here’s the link to the pool once you’ve joined.

Whoever has the most total points wins, obviously. In the event of a tie, whoever was closest to picking the score of the national final will win.

Now, onto the winnings: the tickets to a Gator basketball game. We’re proud to partner with Savvy & Co. Real Estate in Gainesville and Ocala for this special prize.

Who that game will be against is still TBD given that the schedule hasn’t been released yet and won’t be for a few months, but we can guarantee you that it will be against an SEC opponent or an opponent of top caliber. For example, Michigan State and Oklahoma owe Florida return trips to Gainesville in the near future. We can also sort of work with you to pick a game that you really want to go to, though do understand the game options are somewhat limited.

For the winner to claim his or her tickets, this is all you have to do:

-Follow @AllKindsWeather on Twitter. This is so we can direct message on twitter to communicate the logistics of the ticket transfer. Also, more followers is never a bad thing. If you don’t have Twitter, it takes 90 seconds to sign up for an account.

-If we don’t already know you, or know you’re a Gator fan, we may reserve the right to ask you to prove your identity as a Gator fan. Neither myself nor the owner of Savvy Real Estate feel like giving tickets to a Florida game to somebody who is going to root for their opponent. Plus, the Gator fan base has a history of being catfished. No need to go overboard with this, though; a simple picture of yourself in Gator gear doing the chomp will suffice. Fans of rival teams are welcome to participate in the pool, but the prize will go to the highest ranking Gator fan in the standings. And just to add to the experience of our most hated rival, if you’re an FSU fan who wants to join, have fun typing in the score of the 1996 national championship game in the password tab.

-Provide a valid email address and your full name as it appears on your driver’s license so the tickets can be transferred. This is so you can pick up the tickets at will call the day of the game. If you do not have a driver’s license, you will either have to bring an alternative form of ID to the game (a high school ID would work fine.)

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